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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Next stop Utah

There are few times in a life where everything is clear. This morning was one of them for me.

A friend and I have been talking about building custom racing motorcycles like the Rickman Brothers or David Yetman. The idea of taking his frame skills, my engine abilities, and another friend's fiberglass wizardry and putting them together seemed like a lot of fun even if there was probably not a lot (if any) money to be made.

The tipping point may have been the Bettencourt auction coming up next week. I had planned on taking home the XL600L that was in the pictures. It would have been a perfect match for my XL600V Transalp. However, it was not in the sale catalog and Jerry Wood told me that it was not going to be offered after all.

So I suddenly have a few extra dollars to play with and I'm thinking of all the things I could do. New touring bike? New camera? Another trip to Baja? Leave it in the bank? Then it hit me. I could build the prototype roadracer we had been talking about.

And then, this morning it really hit me. I'm going to build a Bonneville Land Speed Record bike! The fastest I've ever been was an indicated 163mph on the freeway so this seems like a logical step.

Hey, Why Not?!

So stay tuned for progress as it progresses. We have until next August to produce the bike and get it to Utah. In the mean time there are the Maxton events to practice and fine tune the equipment. Until then check out these videos.