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Monday, November 2, 2009

B-Cubed pre-announcement (sort of ...)

My friend Eddy Fastguy sent along this info:

B-Cubed, the Brooklyn->Boston->Brooklyn rally is definitely going to happen in 2010. Although the date is still "sometime in August" the rest of the plans are coming along nicely.

What is known so far:
Saturday morning start from Motoborgotaro on Union St.
Two day event with overnight stay in Boston area (camping or motel)
Iron(wo)man challenge for anyone wanting to do it non-stop. Special Mouse award for this one.

Classes (up to 1973):

Tourist (any year any size)

This is a rally, not a race! There will be a set route to follow through the back roads of NY, MA, RI, and CT. Total mileage will be between 600-700 miles. The concept is small, vintage bikes and fun.
Start getting your bikes ready now!