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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back To Civilization

Back in San Francisco after enjoying 20" of snow in Yosemite with friends.

Not to mention friends who didn't move their cars before the snow came in. We had to dig out a path almost 1/4 mile through the woods to get them out.

But it was good exercise and a bit of weird fun. Another adventure story in the making. Thanksgiving dinner was warm and wonderful as it always is with good friends. And then there was the tobogganing ...

I'm back in range of a data connection so posts will resume on a regular basis. Hope you're all still out there.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Note: I will be in the air tomorrow on my way to the mountains of the left coast. I'll be sending in updates as I did on my way across country to Bonneville. I'll be back in December.

When you can buy four KLR's for the price of one GS you have to think about how that extra money could be used to actually go on an adventure. While I've been impressed with how a friend's GS would do well when the going got tough he had to work a lot harder than I did on my Transalp and there were places that those wide cylinders just wouldn't go.

Most GS's, like most Harleys, are personal statements rather than touring machines. I wonder how you say "Bad Ass" in German?

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's not safe in the woods

This morning's Washington Post had this comment:

some Democrats are eager to use the lame-duck session that starts this week to pass as many bills as possible while the party still controls both chambers of Congress.
While the article was about another topic it echoed other voices I've heard about the lame-duck session coming up. Most importantly, a lot of members who were voted out of office will try to ram through legislation to enforce their Green Taliban agenda.

Land closures will be at the top of their list and they will care little about what people think because they have already lost their elections and have nothing more to lose. Now is the time to write the politicians who have been re-elected and tell them you hold them accountable for the actions of all the members of their party. The Blue Ribbon Coalition has an excellent political action program. If you don't belong, you should. At least you should use their resources to write your politicians to let them know how you feel about open access.

Write today, or cry tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bicycle Skill

Hermann sent me this. I can't get a picture but I assure you that since we love all things wheeled you will be impressed. I was literally holding my breath at times. Definitely not the usual bunny hopping post jumping!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Funny Papers

I've been pretty busy lately with winter prep on the many bikes we have around here. However, I always find time to read the latest edition of Hot Bike Magazine when it arrives. It's better than the comics to make me smile.

A tech article in this month's edition shows how to install 20" ape hangers for under $500. OMG - LOL - ROTF !!!

Where else could you find ads for carbon fiber shorty helmets so you could look really Bad Ass! ??

I will give them credit on two points. First, this is a serious magazine that's all about the bikes. I may laugh about the ape hangers but they also have tech articles on more serious subjects such as suspension upgrades for the XR1200 and twin disk brake upgrades (who knew a HD could go fast enough to need one?).

Secondly, Hot Bike is not a sleaze rag. If you're looking for naked bimbos draped across ridiculous cartoon bikes this is not the place. They show women with their own bikes as real people who love to ride.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Whether you are for the war or not, everyone should support the men and women in our military. One of the greatest disgraces in this country's history was the way the soldiers of the Vietnam era were treated when they returned home. It was the politicians who sent them who should have been spit on, not the people they sent to serve.

It's very simple. Write your politican about the way you feel about the wars but honor the women and men who go into harm's way.

Take care of the ones who take care of you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moto Gear Sale

Here's a quick way to get some of the Christmas shopping for your moto friends out of the way and save some money while doing it.

The Coconut sox are a favorite of mine (hint, hint).
 And how many of your buddies could use a decent tire pressure gauge in their tank bags!?

Tell them you saw it here. Maybe they'll add me to Santa's list.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tron LightCycle

I'm looking out my window and everything is white. As in the first snow of the year. No riding today! What to do to get some 2 wheeled fun while still staying warm?

I showed off the Tron LightCycle before but at a cost of $35,000 it's a bit out of my budget. However Disney has felt my pain and come to the rescue.

Here's one that I can afford and, best of all, work on while I'm enjoying my hot chocolate and cookies. Get the free parts and instructions here.

The official Tron site is here. The movie is coming soon, I'll be there!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yamaha Super Ténéré

The new Super Ténéré is coming from Europe to the U.S. I have only one word for it, BIG. The Yamaha web site lists it at 575 pounds ready to ride.

To put this in perspective the new Triumph Tiger 800 comes in at 462 pounds and the BMW 800GS at 455 pounds. Even the BMW 1200 GS Adventure is lighter at 564.

Let's face it, this (and the 1200 GS) are bikes for fire roads, not trails. More often than not they are comfy road bikes for riders that don't want the Gold Wing look but don't want to be bent over a sport bike. My friend Bob bought a GS, not because he wanted to ever go off road, but because his wife said that it had the most comfortable back seat.

The Super Ténéré and the big GS are for comfy riding and Class 1 dirt roads. If you can take your Corolla there you can take your bike there. And that's just fine for the people who are going to buy them. Think of them as 2 wheel SUV's. It's good to see that Yamaha is taking a chance and giving us choice. If it sells well Honda might even wake up and bring the Transalp or Varadero.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

$20 Swingarm Stand

Snagged this off the NYC VinMoto list.

While perusing the internet I found a really cool article on how to make your own Swingarm Stand for $20. This is specifically for the sv650 but looks like it can be adapted. 

Credit goes to Doug Roever from the SV Rider list for this great idea. Also to Seth from NYC VinMoto for forwarding it.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote Today !!

Vote for whomever you want but vote today! I would like my favorites to win of course, but I'd rather lose to an informed electorate than win by indifferent default.

Today - NOW - Vote Like A Motorcyclist!

Let them know that You Ride and You Vote