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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yamaha Super Ténéré

The new Super Ténéré is coming from Europe to the U.S. I have only one word for it, BIG. The Yamaha web site lists it at 575 pounds ready to ride.

To put this in perspective the new Triumph Tiger 800 comes in at 462 pounds and the BMW 800GS at 455 pounds. Even the BMW 1200 GS Adventure is lighter at 564.

Let's face it, this (and the 1200 GS) are bikes for fire roads, not trails. More often than not they are comfy road bikes for riders that don't want the Gold Wing look but don't want to be bent over a sport bike. My friend Bob bought a GS, not because he wanted to ever go off road, but because his wife said that it had the most comfortable back seat.

The Super Ténéré and the big GS are for comfy riding and Class 1 dirt roads. If you can take your Corolla there you can take your bike there. And that's just fine for the people who are going to buy them. Think of them as 2 wheel SUV's. It's good to see that Yamaha is taking a chance and giving us choice. If it sells well Honda might even wake up and bring the Transalp or Varadero.