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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's not hard to be amused by this one. And I think we'd all agree that the world is a better place with these two morons locked in a steel cage. Look closely and you'll notice that the second rider is already heading for the lake even before the "map" hits him square in the face. Photoshop and an over eager stunt rider?

Still, points to South African VW for having a sense of humor (or is that humour?).

Monday, November 28, 2011

World's Smallest V-12 Engine

From Herman, himself a Master Machinist:

Facinating to watch this engine transpire from raw material to working engine.

I am in total awe at the skill and craftsmanship, not to mention the patience. To know that people capable of such things still exist in our world of instant crap truly inspires me.

I'd like to have dinner with him to discuss the project and some of his design choices. How marvelous that would be.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Name This Car - NY Times Edition

Back in April I found a sad little car, posted a couple of pictures, and asked what it was. Peter commented that it was a Subaru 360.

Now the NY Times has an article on the little machine that disparages it from every angle. Perhaps the best comment is the quote from the Consumers Reports article, “It was a pleasure to squirm out of the Subaru, slam the door and walk away.”

Here's some of the original TV ads for the car where they extol it's virtues as "cheap and ugly." At least the girl is cute if the car isn't.

However, Subaru may have the last laugh. 66 mpg is better than any Prius and gas isn't getting any cheaper.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

True Love

Ledermann Racing Team - "It takes two" from True Biker Spirit on Vimeo.

If you love someone, set her free; if she comes backs she's yours, if not, it was never meant to be.

However, if you're on a sidehack rig, go back and get her!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bring Back The Transalp - Again ...

Another attempt to petition Honda to bring the Transalp back to the U.S. is here.

I like my TA and intend to keep it. However, I don't see myself ever buying another one. Or anything like it. I think movements to bring the TA back are dead on arrival. Possibly 1 out of every 20 people who sign the petition will actually buy one. Probably more like 1:100.

The new ones are even more street oriented than the '89 and hence less interesting. Suzuki sells a few V-Stroms, Triumph and BMW are doing well with the Tiger and GS 800, but not on any scale that would interest Honda. I think they are smart enough to realize that the market is too limited for another entry. Considering the costs of EPA and DOT certification, plus parts and training, I don't see it ever happening.

Call me a cynic but doesn't the website seem a little too glossy for a grassroots effort? Is it all about the Transalp? Or just about the advertising?

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