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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bring Back The Transalp - Again ...

Another attempt to petition Honda to bring the Transalp back to the U.S. is here.

I like my TA and intend to keep it. However, I don't see myself ever buying another one. Or anything like it. I think movements to bring the TA back are dead on arrival. Possibly 1 out of every 20 people who sign the petition will actually buy one. Probably more like 1:100.

The new ones are even more street oriented than the '89 and hence less interesting. Suzuki sells a few V-Stroms, Triumph and BMW are doing well with the Tiger and GS 800, but not on any scale that would interest Honda. I think they are smart enough to realize that the market is too limited for another entry. Considering the costs of EPA and DOT certification, plus parts and training, I don't see it ever happening.

Call me a cynic but doesn't the website seem a little too glossy for a grassroots effort? Is it all about the Transalp? Or just about the advertising?

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