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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pony Express Trail - 2017

I did the first section last year and then got distracted by home ownership. Who ever lets that happen?

Today was the day to take it a bit further.

One needs to be careful in this area. It's a long way between gas stations and there are very few vehicles on this road to lend a hand.

Rush hour. I can assure you that those sheep were in no big hurry to get wherever they were going. One of the shepherds asked me to wait which was no burden since I was taking my time to begin with.

Lookout Pass. It was amazing to see how the trail wound around the topography. Very relaxed and natural to follow the curves and rises of the hills. I imagine it was easier for the horse to run a little farther than to climb a steep grade.

Beautiful, and desolate.

This is the best I can do for the wild horses. I saw a herd that was near the road but they took off as soon as I got near. Amazing that they exist out here. Not everything is civilized and roped off yet.

I gave this road a miss since I had the wrong tires for really gnarly stuff. Maybe next time. It was tempting though ...

Heading north to get home before dark. I was surprised how many trails and roads there are out here. It definitely requires more of my attention.

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