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Friday, April 30, 2010

Dead guy rides bike!

OK, this is just plain creepy! They embalm the guy and put him on display. I guess it's OK to not wear the helmet since he's already dead. The whole story is here.

I'm off to the MotoGiro. Reports from the road tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Motorcycles On An Intellectual Plane

If you think you know a lot about motorcycles and what to take it to a higher plain check out the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies. It's an online journal of people who take motorcycles very seriously. However, this is no egghead journal just for physics and chemistry. In the current issue is an article on "A Matter of Style--Charlie Parker and Jack Kerouac: Between Coolness and Ecstasy" and "Marx and McQueen: Racing against Communism in Fordist America" Bird? McQueen? How cool is that!?

There are book reviews and an article on a German art/motorcycle exhibit. Something for your brain on those cloudy, rainy days when you're stuck inside.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Got too much money?

This in from Dave:

Apparently somebody does.  You can see it all here. Current bid is US $122,100.00. 

Yeah, I've got it on my watch list!

Monday, April 26, 2010

More Destruction By Evil Dirt Bikers

This picture of rock fall in Arch Canyon in SE Utah is more evidence of the wanton destruction caused by off-road vehicles (who are also responsible global warming).

Or it could just be a natural occurrence. Much like what has been happening for the last million years. Even before the wheel was invented, let alone the SUV.

You be the judge.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Manuals On Line

Shane Rivet has been busy scanning manuals into his web site for Rivet Restorations. You can find them by clicking Service Tips. He has wiring diagrams also. As he seems to have a lot more time than I do the list seems to be ever expanding. He has access to George DeCamp's old archives and has offered to scan any manual requested. So if there is something you need you should drop him a line.

If anyone else wants to send me links to manuals on line for any make of motorcycle I'll start an archive of links and keep it posted.

Note: I have figured out that I need to write this in the evening for posting the following day. Rushing to catch the subway seriously cuts down my blogging time in the morning. Hopefully I'm back on track.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things That Make Things

How often have you wanted a simple part but it just didn't exist. I'm thinking of the clutch push rod seal retainer for a CB160. It has to be big enough to hold the seal in but small enough to clear the sprocket. The first thought is for a nice lathe to cut the piece from aluminum stock. Hmmm. I seem to be short on lathes and metal stock at the moment.

Plan B: go to the hardware store and get some PVC pipe and cut it to length and put a couple of big washers on either end to hold the seal. Cheesy and about as elegant as a donkey on roller skates in the Easter Parade.
Enter the MakerBot, billed as the "Robot that Makes Things".This 3-D printer can construct just about anything using the same sort of plastic as Legos use. It can even construct a hollow sphere!

Just the thing for my seal retainer and once I make one I can make a million just like it for all the other racers. $1000 may seem steep for something you might only use once in a while but I'll bet that if you had it you would be thinking of all sorts of things that need making.

A constant problem for vintage restorations is parts that are no longer available. Unobtanium! However, there is usually somebody that has one but doesn't want to sell it or the price is too high. If only you could clone it!
Enter the 3-D scanner. As Jay Leno demostrates, a few minutes and you can have all the details in a working file. Feed that to the MakeBot and you have your part. Admittedly, it won't work for a cylinder head or transmission gear but maybe a side cover or tail light bracket? Use your imagination!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Note: I've acquired a 9-5 job which is seriously cutting into my fun time. Adjusting to the work-a-day world has been awkward which has led to the missed postings. Bear with me while I get used to my new schedule.

Here's a post from Ben on the problems of traveling from Boston to Bangalore while the Icelandic volcano is spewing and causing problems. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
·        American Airline flight from Boston to Chicago to Delhi with overnight in Delhi and continue to Bangalore on the first flight out.
·        Checked 2 bags and 1 carry-on in Boston.
·        AA representative in Boston informed me that my checked bags will arrived in Bangalore not in Delhi.  My checked bags ticket also shows final checked bags will arrive in Bangalore.
·        Delhi has International and Domestic Terminal separated by about 5 miles.
·        10pm - Landed in Delhi after 15 hours flight from Chicago flying north to north pole and down Russia/Siberia and Pakistan.
·        10:30pm - Went through the custom with a carry-on bag but without the 2 checked bags.
Went to the hotel and slept until 4am to catch the domestic flight to Bangalore.
·        4:30am - Checked out of the hotel and hotel driver drove me to the Domestic Terminal.
·        5am - Domestic flight terminal informed me that they do not have my checked bags and it should be in the international terminal.
·        Domestic airline, Jet Airways was helpful by hailing me a cab at a negotiated price of 150 rubee.
6am - On a way to the International Terminal, the cab driver turns the car around to go back to Domestic Airport to return previous passenger's cell phone which he forgot.
·        6:15am - We made it to International Terminal however, nobody spoke English and they were not helpful.
·        6:45am - Saw a person sleeping on the floor in the AA office. The office has a sign that says open @ 10am.
·        Everyone (Port Authority, Customs Officials, Military, Jet Airways personnel) advised me to wait for AA office to open at 10am.  Wasted 4 hours in the International Terminal playing soduko (thank god my mind was busy).
·        10am - Went back to the AA office and nobody was there.  But the door was open.
·        10:30am – Security guard on break informed me that the AA office opens at 10:30am because it is Sunday.
·        10:45am – AA staff enters the office.  Phones are ringing left and right and one AA staff takes all these calls.
·        11:30am – AA staff attends to my needs.  I filled out a form and waited for AA staff's assistant to return with photocopies of passport.
·        12:15pm – AA staff's assistant returns with the photocopy.
·        12:45pm – AA staff's assistant, staff, and I go upstairs to the other side of the terminal.  Staff requested that we wait there and he leaves.
·        1:15pm – AA staff returns and chats with Port Authority officials and we sign more papers.  Port Authority officials gave me 1 hour pass into the International Terminal.
·        1:30pm - we are back at AA office and we fill out same form again.
·        2:00pm – AA Staff's assistant escorts us the baggage claims area and the Custom's official tells the assistant that he needs PID or some form from AA.
·        2:25pm – AA Staff's assistant does not return and I run to AA office to get the Assistant to come with me and that I only have 5 minutes left to get back into the International Terminal.  Fortunately, United Emirate (UE) staff was at AA office and he said that he can help me.
·        2:28pm - I rush back into the International Terminal.
·        2:35pm - UE staff chats with the custom's official and he let's into the baggage claims area without PID form.  The baggage claims employees are having their lunch so we waited for 15 minutes until they were finished.
·        2:50pm - I got my bags after paying 300 Rubee and filled out more forms and now the bags need to go through x-ray and fill out again more forms.
·        2:55pm - I goto Inter-Terminal connection place to board a bus and waited for the next bus ~ 3:00pm.
·        3:00pm - I was informed that I am not allowed to get on the bus because my international flight was yesterday and that I needed to get a cab.
·        3:15pm - I took a cab and rushed back into Domestic Terminal and requested to be on the next flight.  Next flight is scheduled for 8pm.
10:30pm – Landed in Bangalore and went to the
I learned most Indians do not speak English.  I.e.:
·        Do you have a shower?  Yes sir.  Where is the shower?  We do not have a shower.
·        Please wait 5 minutes = 20 to 30 real minutes.
·        My flight number is 0834.  The response that I got was 0835.
·        Flight time shows boarding at 19:35:  I say, my flight is at 7:35pm.  The response that I got was your flight is at 8:35pm.
I do not know if they are intentionally fucking with me or not.  Maybe I am delirious.
One other thing…this is the only country so far where I could use anti-diarrhea pills.  Of course I do not have any.  I think the culprit is brushing my teeth with tap water instead of bottled water.

Cheers from India,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MotoGiro In Two Weeks

The Spring MotoGiro is all set to begin Friday, 30 April. Geoff Boughton is going all out to present the best ever Giro. The Spring event will be held in the Berkshire Mountain area of Mass. Headquarters are at the Jiminy Peak ski area.

Although I hear that the entry list is filled there is much to be seen on Saturday and Sunday as 120 ancient bikes wheeze by on their way to fame and glory. Past entries included a CZ motor scooter that was the size of my Buick and a 50cc Ducati that was passed by several old ladies on walkers.

Drop by and join the fun. It will get you revved up for the Fall Giro and all the events in between.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

LSR Plans

I thought I'd update you on the status of the project. Although there have been a few setbacks I haven't given up on bringing a bike to Bonneville.

The first version was too much to be sustained by enthusiasm alone. I bought the CR-80 engine and then realized I'm no 2-stroke tuner. Just figuring out the classes, let alone picking one out took time and thought. Money turned out to be one of the lesser challenges but is there. Plus, promises of help seemed to evaporate. I went through a period when I was pretty depressed by the whole thing. However, I have a new, and more realistic, plan.

First, logistics is the first concern. The best bike in the world won't help if I don't get it there. I just bought a Chevy pickup and already have a box trailer. I'm fitting everything to carry the parts and tools I will need. The offer of a motor home to use turned out to be a bust so I may be sleeping in the trailer.

Second, a custom frame is more than I need for a first effort. I'm going to use the Moriwaki MH-80R I bought and use a modified CR-80 engine. That way I have a stable platform to start with. I doubt that I'll set any records but I'll learn enough to come back and be competitive.

Third, I've chosen to concentrate on the 100cc class. Either modified or partially streamlined. Time and resources will dictate which way to go. The CR-80 engine is easily pushed out to 100cc's so I won't have to rework the frame.

I'm going to treat this first year as a learning experience and see where it leads. I am going to Bonneville in August! The entry form is sitting on my desk and will go in next week. I already have my BNI membership so that I can compete.

Now that the scope is reduced to realistic proportions I'm committed to making it happen. Just thought you'd like to know.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Terrorist Alert Red!

Congress has issued an emergency warning on yet another threat to air travel. "These terrorist volcanoes must be stopped!"

TSA has confirmed that volcanoes will be under greater surveillance in and around airports around the world. However, to avoid strict profiling, mountains, hills, and other mounds of earth will also be put on the terror list.

When interviewed this morning a TSA worker (Mr. Wiley Seeker at LAX) stated that: “We can’t just be searching the smoke heads…we have to avoid profiling. This morning a slag heap and her small mound were searched, and of course we found nothing”

The president stated that such derogatory terms such as “Smoke Heads”, and “Powder Puffs” will not be tolerated.

Posted by Gary on April 15, 2010, at 9:07 AM
Great job Gary - I couldn't have said it better! Here's the WBUR report. I loved the part about the 747 pilot sticking his head out the window in order to be able to see while landing!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

USCRA Race School

Following up on yesterday's post on the CB160 race class here is the word from Karl Smolenski on the USCRA race school to be held on Friday, 21 May at NHMS. $75 includes the instruction, track practice, and a Rookie Race. The Formula CB160 race is on Sunday, the 23rd and is not to be confused with the Formula CB which is for CB350s. Entry form is here.
2010 Vintage Race School
The race school will start in the media center at 9am, and the class room session will run to noon-ish, after lunch we'll tech the bikes and talk about the tech side of racing, then participate in guided practice laps and finish up with a final classroom session and the rookie race at the end of the day. New riders will be qualified to race that weekend, so if you are planning on the school and racing, you should get your primary entry form in to NHMS before the 10th of APRIL to get the reduced prices, and get your school entry form send off before the 15th of MAY. Please get in touch with me at if you have any specific questions.
You have 6 weeks to get ready. Find  a bike, put new tires on it, and race. It's just that simple! What's your excuse now?

Hint: Go to a Honda dealer and order tires for the Dream 50R. These are racing tires for only ~$60 each. They fit the CB160 rims perfectly and are the best tires for this class.

Also, although it says Formula CB160, it includes CD160s and CL160s as well. Any stock Honda 160 frame and engine qualify.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3rd Place Racing

Tom Parker has done a fabulous job of bringing the joy of low buck racing to the small screen. The true joy of racing is not going fast but of going faster than the other guy. Some of the best races in my life have been for 3rd place against somebody who was so closely matched that the lead changed repeated, the outcome was always in doubt, and every corner pegged the sphinctometer!

The Fowler Formula from Tom Parker.

Tom has brilliantly caught the true glory of CB160 racing and the Fowler Formula. This is truly a classic!

The USCRA has just inaugurated a CB160 Stock class into their series of races.  For anyone out there who wants to race but who thinks that they aren't good enough or don't have enough money to race, this is your class! All it takes is a little imagination and some elbow grease to get it going. Once on the track it's just you and the other riders. And that great big grin that will take a week to wipe off!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Destination Pennsylvania

This suggestion is from Jay:

I had not heard of this museum until recently. It's only an hour+ from here so I checked it out yesterday. If you ever find yourself in PA, try to see it. I was astonished at the size of the place. It's not exclusively bikes, but nearly all interesting. I think Bill (I met him - very pleasant fellow) loves anything old or 2 wheeled - except anything Japanese. I saw bikes I had never heard of, but nothing from Asia. Well, Bill is a long time custom Harley guy, so....

It's a reminder of a time of when Harley built motorcycles rather noisy wannabe cartoons. Not far from the intersection of I-80 & I-81 it's a perfect weekend trip from Boston or NYC. There are many nearby state parks for camping.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Used Equipment - Wee Willy

Uber-Macho riders need read no further. Since you don't wear a helmet you won't have a face shield. And since you don't have a face shield you don't need a Wee Willy. The fact that you may already have a wee willy is another matter.
One of the real bummers of riding is bugs. I was once riding along, sans helmet, singing to myself at full volume. As I threw back my head for another chorus a bug happened to choose that very moment to occupy that very same space. Since my mouth was wide open the bug went in, down, and very nearly back out in one very smooth but decidedly un-tasty motion. Gulp! The only reason it did not make it back out was because I was sitting on the exit.

Now that I wear a helmet I have a tendency to look like the picture above during a summer ride. No matter what, bugs will find a way to commit suicide on any vertical surface in motion. When it's my face shield things are a drag because it impairs my vision. This makes it harder to decide whether the sedan ahead belongs to a person in uniform.
Enter the Wee Willy. This is a pocket sized, do-it-all face shield bug removal system. While you're pulled over for any reason. you can whip out your Wee Willy and scrub your face shield clean in a minute or two. Squirt it. Scrub it. Squeegee it. And polish it. That fast and that easy. Instructions here.

I don't know what is in the bottle but it dissolves bugs and bug parts. I've scrubbed off some serious splatters and have yet to scratch a face shield. The squeegee works like a wonder and when you get done you will think you have a new face shield! The best part is that it is tiny and fits into your pocket or tank bag without taking up much space. Some major league thinking went into the design of this thing and it shows. 5 stars for usability! I've been using the my Wee Willie for years and it just keeps working.

You might think the $21.95 price is a bit steep but let me assure you that the next time you are heading into the setting sun and can clean your face shield for a nice non-smear, non-glare ride you will think of it as money well spent. Aerostich sells a similar kit without the scrubber, the squeegee, or the secret anti-bug juice for $18. For $4 more Wee Willy is a far superior product! Plus the refill kit is only $10.95 (Aerostich just tells you to use dish soap - that shows how serious they are).

Wee Willys make great gifts. I've given dozens away to buddies who have done me a favor or for Christmas and birthday presents. Tell the WW folks you read it here and maybe they'll give me a discount on my next refill kit.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Honda U3-X

The Honda U3-X is described as a Personal Mobility Prototype. With a little imagination, like extensible fingers for going up and down stairs, one could see this as a fantastic aid for the disabled.
However, noting the propensity of butter-butt-osity amongst the American public I can also see this as yet another escape from meaningful exercise and another excuse to down a triple cheeseburger. There were people coming down the aisles at WallyWorld the other day whose hips were wider than their shopping carts!

I cringe every time I see people sightseeing in Boston on Segway scooters when they should be walking. It's a distraction that keeps them at a distance from seeing and touching and feeling what is right in front of them. It's like those people in museums who graze from picture to picture with the earphones spoon feeding them the Pablum without any involvement.

Maybe the U3-X should be limited to a load of no more than 160 pounds. I can just see a cartoon with it running in terror from a lard bucket trying to hop on it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting dirty in a big way

Finding events to ride a dirt bike in New England is pretty tough. Most of the "dual sport" events are really just untimed enduro routes. I tried one on the Transalp and only made it to the first gas stop before giving up. Wrong bike with the wrong tires. The other riders were supportive and helped me get through a couple of tough sections but, for me and the TA, every section was a Hero Section.

Luckily, somebody must be paying attention because there are more and more events that are oriented towards the big dual sports like the TA and GS. BMW has an Adventure Riding Series and KTM and AMA have teamed up for a national dual sport series that has separate routes for lightweight and heavyweight bikes.

Three events for New England are coming soon. The 30th New England Classic Charity Trail Ride 5&6 June starting at NHMS in Loudon, NH is a great affair. It has both big bike and lightweight enduro classes. It even has a kids ride so they can get out and enjoy the fun too. It's well run, lots of fun, and has contributed literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This year, in addition to the lunches and banquet, they are raffling off a brand new RMX450Z (think of the old DRZ400 on steroids). Hit up a few friends for donations and you can ride free and get a chance at the RMX. Here are some photos of a past event.

The Berkshire Trail Riders are hosting the Berkshire Big Adventure on 23 May 2010.
200 miles of dirt roads, back roads, and unmaintained roads of the scenic Berkshires. Main route for Big Adventure Bikes with Hero Sections for Dualsport Thumpers. Do Not Bring Your Enduro Bike!
Signup at 7am Riders Meeting at 9am
Entry Fee $40 ($35 by 2 May)
Start/Finish at Tucker's Pub
61 South Main St
Sandisfield MA 01255
Info: or

Hoot Owl Scramblers are hosting the Hoot's 100 on 2 May
Arrowed from CT/RI border on Rt 44
Signup 7:30-11am First bikes out at 8am
Turkey Run - 100 miles of 40% back roads & 60% nice trail with optional Hero Sections
Dual Sport - 100 miles of nice back roads with state park dirt roads. Easy wide trails with some Hero Sections (if you feel like being a hero). This ride will be rider friendly for any size dual sport bike.
Contact: Kenny Law at 401-567-0964
These are fun runs that anyone can ride on any dual sport bike. Don't let the gear (or lack of it) stand in the way of riding in one of these events. I rode in one with an old open face helmet and cowboy boots! Skip the Hero Sections and it's just a ride in the park. Dave rides with his Nolan helmet and Aerostich suit.

Maybe I'll dig out my old '66 Honda Scrambler for one of them just for the joy of riding it again. I used to ride it everywhere because it's what I had and I didn't know any better. Who says I know any better now?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Aprilia Tuareg - New Dual Sport Bike

Could this be the bike that pries me away from my beloved Transalp?

The Aprilia Tuareg is rumored to be a 750cc V-twin with real "enduro" suspension, a 21-inch front wheel, and weight around 445 pounds.
Since KTM refuses to bring the Euro only 690 Adventure to the US this Aprilia is certainly enticing. Their 450 and 550 v-twin dirt bikes have been well received and provide plenty of power. So much so that the 450 was banned from MX competition in the US. At the most recent Dakar Rally an Aprilia 450 came in 3rd overall after 2 KTM's and ahead of the Yamaha and Sherco (Honda) teams. Not too shabby for such a small manufacturer.
The rumor is that this model will be released in the fall as a 2011 model. When, if ever, it reaches the US is the big question. How much it will cost is another. However, Aprilia has done well by supplying unique and interesting low volume bikes at competitive prices. The only thing lacking is a robust US dealer network.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The History of Bike Bondage

5mmx50' Rope

In the beginning there was rope. And the rope was an evil slippery thing that would loosen and break where it would do the most harm. Many were the motorcycles that crashed in the backs of pickups and fell off of trailers because of the evil ways of the rope.
Ancra Original Tie-Downs - --/Red

And then there was the strap. And in all the lands of the strap the Ancra was the best and the strongest and the most trustworthy. Many were the pretenders and lesser straps. Some seemed to be cousins of the rope and were most happy to part at inopportune moments and lead to destruction. Even amongst the Ancra there was scratching and breaking of plastic panels. The world was not yet perfect.
M&R Soft Touch Protector

The soft strap arrived to join the Ancra to the motorcycle in harmony. A supple shape that many put on backwards, it kept the plastic whole and unharmed. And it came in many bright colors so to be easy to be found in the dark. Because it was separate and prone to wander off into the wilderness it always seemed to be singular when a pair was needed. It was rumored that the soft strap was a cousin of the sock which also was prone to be lost on the dark side of the moon.
MSR Hard Parts MSR SOFTHOOK TIES BU Tiedowns & Securing Tiedowns BLU MSR BLUE "SOFT HOOK" TIE DOWNS - 037-2270

And then came Malcolm into the land of the strap and he joined the strap and the soft strap into one. It had the strength of the Ancra and the suppleness of the soft strap. It was attached and was never lost. All who saw it rejoiced and praised Malcolm and added the MSR strap of many colors to their tool boxes.
Canyon Dancer Bar Harness II - Standard/Black

To protect the plastic even more there came the Canyon Dancer to the world and it was good. And then came the Canyon Dancer II which was even better because it understood that the plastic must be protected from all things evil and scratchy. It kept the pressure from the strap from cracking the plastic and held the motorcycle firm in it's place.
Pro Taper Tiedowns - --/Black

But still the land was not perfect. For in loading the motorcycle to the truck or trailer only a true magician could keep the bottom hook from falling off while attaching the top strap. It was the dance of the jester trying to get both linked up at once. Then, behold, a new strap appeared with the wisdom of the mountaineer. It replaced the bottom hook of the strap with a swivel carabineer that would not fall off and would not twist and tangle.  Lo, said the people who saw it. This is the most perfect strap yet. It is strong like the Ancra. It has the soft strap like the MSR. And it does not require a magician to attach. What could be more perfect than this? Well, a little better price perhaps but that will come in time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iPad Mania In Perspective

After all the hype I'm glad somebody has a sense of humor! Here's the iPhone 3G put to the test.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day After The Day After The Crash

Well, the good news is that my hard drive is alive and functioning. The bad news is that the computer is shot! The disk controller is built into the mother board and when it goes the whole mother board has to be replaced. I'm tempted to replace the whole thing and install the current drive as the second drive on a new laptop. I've hated the keyboard since the day I bought the computer and this may be my chance to get a new one. I'm waiting for a price on a new motherboard today.

While I have been doing backups regularly, they were not nearly as complete as I thought. The big files like my Quicken data were saved properly but a lot of little detail data was not. All the login data for each bank was gone as I had it in a separate file that was not saved.

What I learned:

  1. Organize your personal data into groups, put them in separate folders and add them to the backup list. Encrypt sensitive data like bank account numbers and passwords with a program such as TrueCrypt. Keep it current!
  2. Backup all the browser bookmarks. I have a lot of obscure links to race parts suppliers and travel places that I wouldn't die for not knowing but would not be happy about losing.
  3. When you install a new program and get an activation key copy it to a file and make sure it's in a folder that's backed up. Just cut & paste it into a file. Do you really want to spend hours on the phone with Microsoft trying to get a new key for Word?
  4. Backup all your email addresses. If you use an online program like gmail it's done for you. If you use Outlook on your computer you're on your own and need to back it up.
  5. Keep all your correspondence, resumes, etc. in a separate folder (NOT a sub-folder of the word processing program and NOT in the MyDocuments folder). The reason is to make it easier to backup and restore.
  6. Do a backup EVERY day. Schedule a time and make it a habit. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to help a friend and finding they haven't backed up for 2-3 months.
    Toshiba 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive HDDR500E04XK (Black)
  7. Use an external drive for backups. It will not help you at all if your backup files are on the same drive that just crashed. They are cheap and most include software that will automatically do the backups for you.
  8. Check that the backups are all getting done as you think they are. Try to restore a test file and make sure you know how to do it and that what you get back is what you think you saved.
#8 may be the most crucial. I thought I was saving more than I really was. Many files that I had taken for granted turned out to be very important. Trying to find my on-line login id for some accounts turned out to be a real pain. Since FireFox remembered all these for me I never bothered to write them down anywhere. Big Oops! 

As they say, "It's not if you crash, it's just when!" Think of all this as helmet and leathers for your computer. I thought I was careful and protected, and I was to a certain extent. Next time I'll be even better prepared.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Day After The Crash

Digital, not vehicle.

I'm working on my old laptop and the backups I made. My hard drive crashed and it's in the shop. I'm hoping to get word tomorrow but I'm sure that all my work is gone and I'll be relying on backups for my information. The good news is that I have backups. The bad news is that they are not as complete as I thought. More on this later when I get more news.

In the mean time here is how the Germans park their cars in Munich.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is your brain on a cel phone

Think your cel phone is safe? Watch this video!

That's all for today, I'm off to do battle with the DMV. Getting a title for the CB650 should be an adventure.

Oh, and one follow up to the Spring Brake series. You are lubing and checking your chain adjustment everyday. Right!? OK, you BMW riders may laugh now but wait 'till you need your splines lubed and rear end oil changed. Who's laughing then!?