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Thursday, April 15, 2010

USCRA Race School

Following up on yesterday's post on the CB160 race class here is the word from Karl Smolenski on the USCRA race school to be held on Friday, 21 May at NHMS. $75 includes the instruction, track practice, and a Rookie Race. The Formula CB160 race is on Sunday, the 23rd and is not to be confused with the Formula CB which is for CB350s. Entry form is here.
2010 Vintage Race School
The race school will start in the media center at 9am, and the class room session will run to noon-ish, after lunch we'll tech the bikes and talk about the tech side of racing, then participate in guided practice laps and finish up with a final classroom session and the rookie race at the end of the day. New riders will be qualified to race that weekend, so if you are planning on the school and racing, you should get your primary entry form in to NHMS before the 10th of APRIL to get the reduced prices, and get your school entry form send off before the 15th of MAY. Please get in touch with me at if you have any specific questions.
You have 6 weeks to get ready. Find  a bike, put new tires on it, and race. It's just that simple! What's your excuse now?

Hint: Go to a Honda dealer and order tires for the Dream 50R. These are racing tires for only ~$60 each. They fit the CB160 rims perfectly and are the best tires for this class.

Also, although it says Formula CB160, it includes CD160s and CL160s as well. Any stock Honda 160 frame and engine qualify.