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Saturday, April 17, 2010

LSR Plans

I thought I'd update you on the status of the project. Although there have been a few setbacks I haven't given up on bringing a bike to Bonneville.

The first version was too much to be sustained by enthusiasm alone. I bought the CR-80 engine and then realized I'm no 2-stroke tuner. Just figuring out the classes, let alone picking one out took time and thought. Money turned out to be one of the lesser challenges but is there. Plus, promises of help seemed to evaporate. I went through a period when I was pretty depressed by the whole thing. However, I have a new, and more realistic, plan.

First, logistics is the first concern. The best bike in the world won't help if I don't get it there. I just bought a Chevy pickup and already have a box trailer. I'm fitting everything to carry the parts and tools I will need. The offer of a motor home to use turned out to be a bust so I may be sleeping in the trailer.

Second, a custom frame is more than I need for a first effort. I'm going to use the Moriwaki MH-80R I bought and use a modified CR-80 engine. That way I have a stable platform to start with. I doubt that I'll set any records but I'll learn enough to come back and be competitive.

Third, I've chosen to concentrate on the 100cc class. Either modified or partially streamlined. Time and resources will dictate which way to go. The CR-80 engine is easily pushed out to 100cc's so I won't have to rework the frame.

I'm going to treat this first year as a learning experience and see where it leads. I am going to Bonneville in August! The entry form is sitting on my desk and will go in next week. I already have my BNI membership so that I can compete.

Now that the scope is reduced to realistic proportions I'm committed to making it happen. Just thought you'd like to know.