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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Used Equipment - Wee Willy

Uber-Macho riders need read no further. Since you don't wear a helmet you won't have a face shield. And since you don't have a face shield you don't need a Wee Willy. The fact that you may already have a wee willy is another matter.
One of the real bummers of riding is bugs. I was once riding along, sans helmet, singing to myself at full volume. As I threw back my head for another chorus a bug happened to choose that very moment to occupy that very same space. Since my mouth was wide open the bug went in, down, and very nearly back out in one very smooth but decidedly un-tasty motion. Gulp! The only reason it did not make it back out was because I was sitting on the exit.

Now that I wear a helmet I have a tendency to look like the picture above during a summer ride. No matter what, bugs will find a way to commit suicide on any vertical surface in motion. When it's my face shield things are a drag because it impairs my vision. This makes it harder to decide whether the sedan ahead belongs to a person in uniform.
Enter the Wee Willy. This is a pocket sized, do-it-all face shield bug removal system. While you're pulled over for any reason. you can whip out your Wee Willy and scrub your face shield clean in a minute or two. Squirt it. Scrub it. Squeegee it. And polish it. That fast and that easy. Instructions here.

I don't know what is in the bottle but it dissolves bugs and bug parts. I've scrubbed off some serious splatters and have yet to scratch a face shield. The squeegee works like a wonder and when you get done you will think you have a new face shield! The best part is that it is tiny and fits into your pocket or tank bag without taking up much space. Some major league thinking went into the design of this thing and it shows. 5 stars for usability! I've been using the my Wee Willie for years and it just keeps working.

You might think the $21.95 price is a bit steep but let me assure you that the next time you are heading into the setting sun and can clean your face shield for a nice non-smear, non-glare ride you will think of it as money well spent. Aerostich sells a similar kit without the scrubber, the squeegee, or the secret anti-bug juice for $18. For $4 more Wee Willy is a far superior product! Plus the refill kit is only $10.95 (Aerostich just tells you to use dish soap - that shows how serious they are).

Wee Willys make great gifts. I've given dozens away to buddies who have done me a favor or for Christmas and birthday presents. Tell the WW folks you read it here and maybe they'll give me a discount on my next refill kit.