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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Honda U3-X

The Honda U3-X is described as a Personal Mobility Prototype. With a little imagination, like extensible fingers for going up and down stairs, one could see this as a fantastic aid for the disabled.
However, noting the propensity of butter-butt-osity amongst the American public I can also see this as yet another escape from meaningful exercise and another excuse to down a triple cheeseburger. There were people coming down the aisles at WallyWorld the other day whose hips were wider than their shopping carts!

I cringe every time I see people sightseeing in Boston on Segway scooters when they should be walking. It's a distraction that keeps them at a distance from seeing and touching and feeling what is right in front of them. It's like those people in museums who graze from picture to picture with the earphones spoon feeding them the Pablum without any involvement.

Maybe the U3-X should be limited to a load of no more than 160 pounds. I can just see a cartoon with it running in terror from a lard bucket trying to hop on it!