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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3rd Place Racing

Tom Parker has done a fabulous job of bringing the joy of low buck racing to the small screen. The true joy of racing is not going fast but of going faster than the other guy. Some of the best races in my life have been for 3rd place against somebody who was so closely matched that the lead changed repeated, the outcome was always in doubt, and every corner pegged the sphinctometer!

The Fowler Formula from Tom Parker.

Tom has brilliantly caught the true glory of CB160 racing and the Fowler Formula. This is truly a classic!

The USCRA has just inaugurated a CB160 Stock class into their series of races.  For anyone out there who wants to race but who thinks that they aren't good enough or don't have enough money to race, this is your class! All it takes is a little imagination and some elbow grease to get it going. Once on the track it's just you and the other riders. And that great big grin that will take a week to wipe off!