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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Funny Papers

I've been pretty busy lately with winter prep on the many bikes we have around here. However, I always find time to read the latest edition of Hot Bike Magazine when it arrives. It's better than the comics to make me smile.

A tech article in this month's edition shows how to install 20" ape hangers for under $500. OMG - LOL - ROTF !!!

Where else could you find ads for carbon fiber shorty helmets so you could look really Bad Ass! ??

I will give them credit on two points. First, this is a serious magazine that's all about the bikes. I may laugh about the ape hangers but they also have tech articles on more serious subjects such as suspension upgrades for the XR1200 and twin disk brake upgrades (who knew a HD could go fast enough to need one?).

Secondly, Hot Bike is not a sleaze rag. If you're looking for naked bimbos draped across ridiculous cartoon bikes this is not the place. They show women with their own bikes as real people who love to ride.