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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tron Lightcycle For Sale

David sent the link to the eBay auction for these. Five limited edition custom built bikes, one in each neon color, are for sale at US$35,000 each. The pictures show a prototype with wide car tires that would be impossible to turn but I'll assume that round profile tires will be coming on the final motorcycle.

I don't have the cash but I'd seriously consider it if I did. First, I was a big fan of the movie and, second, it's a lot more appealing than most of the chopper/bobber/same-old crap I've seen for the same or more money. Put the VFR1200 engine in it and it would sing to me.

Gizmodo has a good article about the bike here. It also has links to trailers and videos from the original movie.  You had to be a true geek to really appreciate the first Tron. All the references to the computer parts and procedures were a big part of its charm. Looking back at it now it's interesting to see how the world has changed. My Droid has a million times more power and capability than my first computer.

The new Tron movie is scheduled to be released in December. I'll be there. However, I doubt that it will be on a Lightcycle.