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Friday, July 9, 2010


This guy has a CB160 with a supercharger! The motor is blown and so is my mind just thinking about it. Good Luck Ron - See you on the salt!

Here's the note Ron sent me:
Hello - stumbled across your web site while going through the VJMC e-mails. I see you are going to Speed Week to run the CB160? Glad to hear that I'm not the only one going broke working on a CB160 to run at Bonneville (ha-ha). I've been working on my bike on & off for 2 years and finally got it to the point where I can race it. I took it down to Maxton and raced in June (Really HOT) at the ECTA LSR meet as a trial/break-in. Now I have a new list of things to do/try before I run again. I'll be headed out to the BUB event and run at the end of August.

I'll be running in the M/BG 175cc class. The motor is bored out 2mm over, so I'm at 174cc's. I'm running a small RHB31 turbocharger- blow through set up with air plenum, with an external oiling system, fuel pump and boost adjusted fuel regulator, Accel coil and wires. So far I've been getting 5-6 pounds of boost, hopefully I'll squeeze out a bit more once it's properly tuned. Finally gave up on the stock carbs, too hard to find a range of stock jets and messy to try and tune for my situation. I'm now waiting for a new pair of PE22 Keihin's to arrive, so I can re-start the tuning process with a bunch of jets.

Attached is a picture of me and bike at Maxton, the seats off, so I can swap the battery out. With all the pumps (Oil & Fuel) running I drain the battery after 1-2 runs.

Good Luck to you at Bonneville!

Best Regards
Ron Pavlak