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Friday, July 16, 2010

Trail Riding Tips

This will be a quick one so I can run out and work on the Moriwaki. I got it out on the street for some test rides and I must say it runs like a raped ape! I'll have a report with pictures and maybe a video tomorrow.

In the meantime Jason sent this link to Trail Riding Tips from the Seacoast Trail Riders Club in Maine. As I am going trail riding in RI with the Rhody Riders in W. Greenwich, RI. this weekend now is a good time to review the basics. I admit that I usually do it retroactively while spending time with the EMTs. This time I'll try to be a little smarter.

They are holding a dual sport ride on the 10th of October that looks interesting. Maine is a great place to ride so I'm looking forward to this. More details as I find them.