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Friday, July 16, 2010

Moriwaki News

As promised yesterday, here's the first pictures of the Moriwaki in action. OK, it's a bit dubious for the moment but it's running and pointed west.

It looks a bit ungainly without the fairing but it has plenty of power (for an 80cc engine) and handles well. The brakes are phenominal. I nearly did a stoppie the first time I clamped on the front brake. I can see why these are so popular for roadracing. The power band is peaky. Nothing below 8000 rpm! Then it begins to build with a solid hit at 9 grand. I'm using 13,500 as a red line for now although I've touched 14 grand with nothing going splat.

I have the trail ride tomorrow and Sunday so I won't get back to the Moriwaki until Monday. Then I'll see if I know anything about 2-stroke tuning. 

I got more good news this afternoon. The KOA in West Wendover called and told me that I was not longer #30 on the waiting list and that they were ready to take my credit card info for a site in the "overflow area". I cringe to think of the visions that evokes but it's a shower and a swimming pool so it's way better than sleeping in the back of my pickup!