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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guys will be guys, regretably

Went out shopping yesterday for all things Christmas. First stop was Cycle Gear in Manchester. They don't sell motorcycles but they do have every accessory under the sun. How many places stock over 200 helmets, 200 jackets, and enough tools to fill dozens of tool boxes?

Best of all, this is the place where everyone knows your name. When I walked in Jennifer asked why I hadn't been by in a while. When I told her that I had put the bikes away for the year she gave me the "weenie" look. And then told me that Battery Tenders were on sale. Good to be amongst friends.

The place was filled with people like me looking for Christmas presents and deals. The one constant is always the guys who are trying to convince their wives and girl friends to fit into skinny tops as if they were still 16 (or 26, 36, or even 46 in some cases). Hey guys, as they get older they're more interested in what's warm than what's cool.

I've heard it said that when married, or otherwise attached, guys think their women won't change and women think their men will. Both are equally doomed. Luckily my rear end sag is confined to my dirt bikes.

The rest of the day was spent at the mall where there were surprisingly few people. Even the chi-chi shops were devoid of anyone spending money. Either everyone was out on Friday or this is going to be a long dismal season for retailers. Maybe Cycle Gear will be the only bright spot in the cloud.