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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First TransAmerican Motorcycle Ride

Herman sent me this link about the first person to ride a "motor bicycle" across the US. It's quite a fascinating story, all the more so because there were almost no roads and when there was one it was often impassible. Along the way he has to rebuild the engine with parts from sent to him by Railway Express and repair the frame with the help of a blacksmith. Highly Recommended!

It amazes me that people still think that transcontinental travel is a big adventure. When I rode from Atlantic to Pacific on the old US50 a couple of years ago people were amazed at my "courage" and "daring". While I did it solo I was on a Honda Transalp and had a pocket full of credit cards. What could go wrong? It wasn't like the first time I rode cross-country on a 305 Honda SuperHawk with nothing but an old army jacket, a Boy Scout sleeping bag, and maybe $100 in my pocket!

The adventure came when I went off roading in the Moab, UT area for a couple of days but other than that it was sit back, enjoy the scenery, and make new friends at every stop. Images and movies from that trip are here.