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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dirt-Deth party review

This follow-up from Larry about the party:
I went with my wife, she thought it was great fun so that's how much fun it was. Alison is usually bored to tears by anything moto. They had a little oval set up in a 40 x 100 lot with one jump that was really too big especially for the skill and intoxication level of the riders, so no one got any actual air. I really wanted to do a few practice runs, if I got there earlier they would have let me. In one race they had a gal handing beer out to the racers (one per lap). Her chest was so hugely
developed that she could put about 4 cans of beer in her bra and still have room left over, very impressive! Alison really got into throwing pumpkin pieces at the racers.
Looking forward to this next year!