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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Odds and ends

Cold and crummy this morning. Looking out the window I wonder why they don't call them Squirrel Feeders rather than Bird Feeders. Isn't there a truth in advertising law?

Ever wanted a quick way to change the fan belt on your old air cooled VW? Check this out

I've never drunk the Ducati kool-aid. They may, or may not, be the best thing since sliced bread but I've always been put off by the overblown air of superiority of the Ducatistas (rhymes with Starbucks barista). That and the stratospheric prices. Give me a Honda RC-51 any day (and a cup of Dunkin's finest, thank you very much).

However, if you have always been dying for one now may be the time to jump. Even Ducati is suffering in this economy and is having a sales promotion. Nothing down, nothing to pay, and no interest until spring. Hmm, sounds like they want to use your garage for their warehouse for bikes they can't move. However, if it floats your boat, here it is.

What next? Half-price Sportsters?