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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One auction down, one to go

Went to the RER auction today and the vultures were circling! There were about 4 times as many people there as I expected. The place was a mob scene and the bidding was fast and furious. Not many bargains that I saw. The Dream 50's that I went to bid on sold for a lot more than I was willing to pay. $3400 for one that had been in the showroom. $4000 for one that was still in the crate unassembled. A true collector's item.

I saw a lot of people I knew there including Guzzi Doug who was up from Alabama. He just got back from a trip across Europe and Asia on a Harley. And not any ElectraGlide either, but a chopperish HOG with a 21" front tire and a sissy bar. This is not the first such trip for him on the bike. He has a great time and makes friends wherever he goes. We should all be so adventurous.

Three days to go to the Bettencourt auction. It should be a total zoo! See you there.