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Monday, November 16, 2009

When is too much enough?

Cleaning out my closet is probably incorrect since very little ever gets thrown out. Maybe re-stacking it is a better way to put it.

Some of it is for specialized riding like dirt helmets for dirt riding. Some of it is for loaning when a friend drops by. And the extra dirt bike helmet is a souvenir of a couple of great trips that have earned it permanent space.

In my defense, I just took several old leather jackets to Goodwill. I had kept them out of respect for the service they had performed but when I was looking at them with fond memories I realized that it was time to make new memories. It's too easy for those memories to just become ballast after a while.

This is the current inventory:
6 helmets - 1 dual-sport, 2 dirt, 2 full face, 1 open face, 0 Nolan style flip-up.1 track suit that is a Miguel Duhamel race replica. With spare knee pucks in case I ever get that far over.
8 jackets - 3 leather, 2 textile, 1 ancient Belstaff that still gets worn a lot.
2 pants - 1 textile, 1 Belstaff to match the jacket
11 gloves - 4 leather, 7 textile of varying degrees of warmth and waterproofness.
4 boots - 1 dirt, 1 street, 1 dual-sport, 1 cowboy (major shifter mark on left toe)
3 tank bags - 2 magnetic, 1 strap for the Transalp
Numberous scarves, neck warmers, and the like.

And then there is the dirt bike equipment bag downstairs with jerseys, pants, armor, and the like.

So what's in your closet?