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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Blue Ribbon Coalition Needs You!

The Blue Ribbon Coalition doesn't care about helmet laws, doesn't stage races, and doesn't hold charity rides. All they do is fight OHV area closures. And they do it quite effectively.

Now they are holding a membership drive to sign up new members and renew old ones. I think this is in large part to put together a list of people who will write their congress (mis)representatives on issues of concern to off-roaders.

Right now they have a promotion where your membership costs $29 and you get a $25 gift card back from 4WheelParts. Don't have a Jeep? They have a lot of other things you could use it for like oils or polish although I never saw a Jeep in the woods that looked like it ever got the shiny treatment.

However, 4WP has a program where they match donations to give high intensity driving lights to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan so they can better spot IED's and bad guys. I'm sending my gift card right back to them to be used for this!

Info is here, Do it NOW!

To learn more, check out this video:


Light Saber program: