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Friday, November 6, 2009

Tool tip

The Gotcha is a simple tool that you only use once in a while. It holds nuts for you when you have to reach into a space and thread them onto a stud or bolt. You don't need it very often but when you do it's invaluable. A couple of days ago I was trying to assemble some parts and it was a thing of joy.

However, you can't buy one. I called to get the details so that I could post it here and found that the maker, H C Crawford, had passed away three years ago. The woman who answered the phone said that the remaining stock had all been sold and didn't know when (if ever) they would be available again.

When I bought my first Gotcha I talked to H C Crawford at length and formed an image of a simple man who had an idea and made it work. I don't remember exactly but I think he made them as well as running his farm.

When I called back to order a dozen more for friends he told me that he didn't know what the shipping charge would be. He told me that he would send the tools to me and that I should check the postage on the package and send him a check for the total amount. He didn't take credit cards and he said that it was rare that anyone didn't pay for their shipment. Certainly a welcome relief from the present environment of greed and corruption.

So you can't buy one but I wanted to share what might have been. It's also a reminder that all things pass. Plan for tomorrow but live for today.

I've posted a detailed image here - be patient, it's a very large file.