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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Two motorcycle auctions you should know about

It's a pretty harsh environment for motorcycle dealers right now. Those that thought the economy of years past was going to go on forever are now finding that their glossy showrooms and megabuck "custom" cycles are sitting alone and forlorn. Setting aside for the moment the question, "How can it be a custom if the parts came from a catalog?" the hard times are hitting dealers and the ones that didn't manage their inventory and finances are dropping like flies. Even Harley dealers are struggling after several years of take it or leave it attitudes. Buells are being advertised at half price or less.

Two auctions that are coming soon in New England are the RER Motor City in Monroe, CT and Bettencourts in Bridgewater, MA. Of special interest at the RER auction are 2 '04 HONDA Dream 50R racers. These are specially created bikes to commemorate Honda's 50th anniversary and are replicas of the CR110 factory racer.

This could be your big chance to get one if you've ever wanted one. My guess is that they'll go for ~$2500 or half of original price.

Bettencourt's auction is different. This is an old line dealership that was very prominent in the '70's dirt bike scene. Now Dave has cancer and is cashing out to pay the bills. Life is certainly not fair. However, the collection is amazing and has both breadth and depth. How many people have multiple CBX's sitting next to Nortons and Bultacos? Just to look at the pictures is to see a history of the motorcycle industry.

I'll be at the Bettencourt auction. All I ask is that you don't bid against me on the XL600L. Buy one of the other bikes and help raise money to help Dave beat Leukemia.

Info and photos are here:
RER Motor City - 18 Nov

Bettencourts - 21 Nov