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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spring Giro News Already!

Just got a note from Geoff Boughton:

I drove the Saturday Giro route with brother Doug the other week checking mileages, I must say he has put together some great roads. They are mostly town and county roads with a few runs on state roads to let you catch your breath. There aren't any huge mountains to climb like Lincoln Gap or Mt Greylock so the course is "little bike" friendly. The course does take you over hill and dale thru beautiful woods and farmland. A couple of the roads are part of the Taborton Loop. 

I think the best way to describe the route is this way; think of your favorite back road to ride, now imagine it goes on for 135 miles with a great lunch stop in the middle, that's Saturday's route. So put April 30th-May 2nd on your calender for the spring Giro, don't miss this one. Also, all your friends who are on the fence about riding a Giro, give them a push, they have all winter to get a bike for it.  Geoff

To repeat, the dates are 30 April - 2 May. Mark your calendars.