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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tiddler II report from Jen

Said much better than I could:

I cant say enough about how awesome it is to take part in the Tidder 

Seems to me this event embodies what Vintage Moto enthusiasm is all 
Keeping these vintage beauties alive and running
Hearing the pitter patter
and rumblings
of various engines.
Getting to enjoy the bikes on carefully selected scenic New England 
Feeling the flutter of excitement in your chest
swooping around curves
crossing metal bridges
and train tracks.
Passing through shadows and beams of sunlight.
Smelling wet leaves
and 2 stroke mix in the air.
Following the route
looking out for road signs
and watching the miles.
Seeing how the person in front of you takes that corner
-and one of my favorites-
watching that graceful sideways dance
as it looks like they just SWOOP
and FOLD into a turn.
I love that!
Talking shop
and kicking tires with like minded fellows.
Getting inspired by projects,
and the various goings on.
And Eating Yummy food to boot!

Even the stuff that happens
when your bike keeps dying
as you see the others powering onward
and it gets all quiet
there by the side of the road
What could it be?
Thinking of the mechanics
and what makes these bikes go
when It can be as simple as running out of gas.
even pushing a bike up a long hill
and asking bewildered passers by
"is Parmalee road up here somewhere?"
Its all part of what makes it special.

And all that being said
the generosity that comes out of pure enthusiasm for these bikes
as exhibited by the Brauns
and the Ropers
is the topper of it all.

So thats a very long way
of saying something very simple:
In one word - YEAH!
and in another - THANKS!

Looking forward to next time