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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Your trash, my treasures

My friends Rich and Flo used to own an antiques store in Mystic, CT. It was always great fun to drop by and play with all the things they had there. They were always finding new troves in attics and basements but I don't think they were too good at the commercial side since they really hated to part with any of the treasures once they had liberated them.
Sunday I went to NJ to do just such a liberation. I took the biggest trailer that U-Haul makes and it wasn't enough. There were bikes and parts galore. It took a great deal of concentration to keep loading and not pause to "remember when".
Inside that trailer is a DT250, CL175, CB175, SL350, and a rolling frame to be identified later. Engines include CB175(2 1/2), CB350(3), CB450(1 1/2), and CB750(5). Plus exhaust pipes, gas tanks, and side panels galore.  Some are treasures, a lot are trash, but all of it is fun. And next week I get to go back and get the rest of it!

In case you are wondering what Rich and Flo are up to check out their web site here. They are making very nice music as TagYerIt. Subway surfing is my favorite!