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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trip Recorders

This ad just arrived in my mailbox. Everything you wanted to know about all your trips in one place. Which is not an entirely bad idea. When I checked out the Motorcycle Tour Planner I found it to be reasonably well organized for the OC amongst us.

And who amongst us has meant to write down all sorts of bits of info and never gotten around to it. Or, worse, written it down only to misplace the slip of paper. Things that can not be found in a timely manner might as well not exist!

While I haven't held one of these in my hands it appears from the examples on the website that it is well thought out and covers most of the things you would want to know and remember. The price might seem to be a sticking point for some but might be worth it for those who could use a bit of structure in their lives. Only you and your credit card can know the answer to that one.

For myself I have been using Rite-In-The-Rain notebooks as journals for my trips. These are not cheap either but they are waterproof, tear proof, and almost indestructible. They have different page patterns that I use for trip notes, diagrams, and writing the odd thought along the way.
Shirt Pocket Journal 3X5 Rite in the Rain - 9201-KIT (Binder, Pen, Assorted Loose Leaf, Reference Cards, Cover) GreenRite in the Rain All - Weather Pen #37 (Black Ink Fine Point)
There are quite a few sizes and styles from small pocket notebooks to ring binders. Over time I've settled on the 4 5/8x7" loose leaf binder that lets me add pages and take them out after a trip. The cordura cover zips up to keep everything together and hold receipts and cards I pick up along the way. The whole thing fits nicely into my tank bag for easy access and keeps my Space Pen handy. It writes in the rain too.

The all-in-one Tour Planner or the roll-your-own notebook. Your choice. What do you use?