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Monday, February 8, 2010

Honda Sportster is almost here!

As if Harley didn't have enough troubles Honda is releasing the new Shadow RS 750 next month. This is a direct challenge to the Sportster. However, the differences are pronounced and pointed at the heart of H-D's failures. The RS has a more upright seating with the foot pegs under the rider instead of out front in the La-Z-Boy recliner fashion. The RS has the power and handling to have fun on the roads. And, of course, the RS has Honda reliability.

The power and handling bit is not a small item. Polaris and its Victory line of motorcycles has come out of nowhere to capture a significant market share by emphasizing power and handling while maintaining the classic look. Same for Yamaha / Star motorcycles. A lot of riders are bored with the "look" and want to ride in comfort, and have fun doing it.

Have all the Boomer want-ta-bes run for cover now that their voodoo economics have collapsed? Will motorcycles return from vehicles for ego trips to something you take a trip on? Will the RS kill the Sportster? Will Willie-G ever come out and publically say that noise is bad for us all?

I'm certainly not betting on that last on!