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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moriwaki Trip Report

The trip out was uneventful. I had loaded up my iPod with a combination of music and old radio detective shows that I'm fond of. Put it on shuffle and the miles slide by in a combination of Sarah Borges and Phillip Marlow. A favorite of mine is Candy Matson, a San Francisco PI.

I spent the night in Harrisburg with my friends Karyn & Dave. Dave is writing the definitive book on the history of Maico motorcycles. He's just waiting for the publisher to approve the final draft so it can be published. More on this when it hits the bookstores. Dave has a basement full of Maicos of all sorts including a couple of factory race bikes. He also has one of six existing Maico 125cc road racers. 

I spent the night in a motel and went over to the AMA Museum the next morning. I walked in to see a Bonneville streamliner right in the middle of the display. Did they know I was coming? There was another display of custom jobs by Arlen Ness. They don't do a thing for me, motorcycles are for riding. I actually managed to escape without buying a t-shirt although I did buy raffle tickets for the CB750 and C100 they were giving away.

I picked up the Mighty Moriwaki from Rick and toured his garage. I have to admit that I had never heard of a Bimota CB400F before. Too bad it was Not For Sale! And how many people do you know who have an even half dozen CBX's? There was a nice Ossa 350cc Super Pioneer and several other bikes that were for sale. A cute MR50 that had been redone to look like a miniature '73 CR250 almost came home with me but Rick was waiting to hear from another person that had made an offer. Nice to see some people still have ethics.

I split the ride home by staying with Karyn & Dave again. Dave's friend Dave dropped by and we sat around talking about bikes for a couple of hours. Turns out we knew a lot of the same people and had been to the same places. Small world.

On the way back to CT I hit some heavy snow from Allentown PA to NYC. There were 6-8 cars that went off the road or smashed into the guard rails. I have to admit to a secret satisfaction that they were all 4WD SUV's. Mass and inertia aren't just good ideas, they're the law!

The Mighty Moriwaki is now on display in the front hall where it dwarfs the Dream 50R and looks modern compared to the Combat Wombat. It's cleaned up and ready to go as soon as the roads clear. 1400 miles to get it and worth every one.