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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Harley will now pay you to buy one of their bikes

Is it just me or is this putting lipstick on a pig (or a Hog if you will). Remember when H-D dealers were charging big bucks over list and making you wait 6 months for a bike. Now they're begging you to come in and will pay you to give up your Suzuki or Honda.

Remember when your buddies who bought Harleys were telling you what a good "investment" they were? Take a look at craigslist for the same bikes at giveaway prices. I'll bet they were also buying McMansions because real-estate could only go up!

From a press release issued by Harley-Davidson:
Harley-Davidson Competitive Bike Exchange Extended To Feb. 28, 2010

$500 Over Trade-In Value Offer Valid at all Participating H-D Dealers

Milwaukee (February 1, 2010) –Harley-Davidson has extended its Competitive Bike Exchange trade-in program launched last December through February 28, 2010. The incentive program offers customers who trade-in an eligible non-Harley-Davidson brand motorcycle a credit of $500 above the dealer-negotiated trade-in value towards the purchase price of a new untitled Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“If the bike in your garage is not the bike in your head, this offer makes it a little easier to purchase the bike of your dreams,” said Dino Bernacchi, Harley-Davidson Advertising and Promotions Director. “It’s just one more way Harley-Davidson and its dealers strive to welcome new riders into the Harley-Davidson family.”

For more details about the competitive trade-in promotion, visit your local Harley-Davidson dealer or log onto
 Maybe their new business plan is selling t-shirts and decals. A friend once observed that if everyone who had a Harley t-shirt or sticker actually owned a Harley there would not be any steel left on the planet.