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Saturday, February 20, 2010

American Motorcyclist Magazine

American Motorcyclist Magazine has been described as the AARP For 2-Wheels Magazine. I'm sure that the AARP would be offended by this. One noted speaker, who shall remain anonymous, said that the best part of becoming a life member of the AMA what that you could elect to never get the magazine again! However, it has been showing signs of revival lately and is not nearly as coma inducing as it used to be.

As part of the Google Books program all of the old American Motorcycling/Motorcyclist magazines are now available on-line for free. Whether looking up reviews of bikes from the past, doing research for a restoration, or you're just amused by reading the old ads this is a great place to hang out. They are cataloged in reverse chronological order starting here.

The old issues are lots of fun whether you're new to motorcycling or want a trip down memory lane. If you are not already a member you should consider joining the AMA. We all have our complaints about them but, in the end, they are the main force guarding what little rights we have left. Best of all, they finally got rid of that ugly logo they adopted a couple of years ago and went back to the simple AMA style below.