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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Buell Blast Spy Photos

I told you about the demise of Buell here. You can see the last ad for the Buell Blast here. Rather ironic that Erik ends the ad by saying, ... and my work here is done.

Now, however, we have secret spy photos of Buell Blasts being produced in quantity and being prepared for shipment.

Buell Blast inventory ready for shipment

Loaded for shipment to dealers

Our secret spy cam has even caught a glimpse of the small off-road bike that Buell was preparing for an assault on the MX championship.

Of course it has twice the displacement of other bikes in its class but that's only fair. Right!?

Is Buell and the Blast dead? It certainly seems unlikely since they have been stockpiling supplies for building more. It would appear that the new financing is in place and production has resumed.

Good going Erik, Best of Luck from MondayMotoMadness!