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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Wish List #2

Everyone knows about Dennis Kirk and Chaparral for online motorcycle parts but Rocky Mountain seems to be on few people's radar. Too bad as they have a lot of very good stuff under their Tusk and ARC house brands at very good prices.

When I went to Baja last time I carried an entire toolbox full of tools. Way too much. Marty was much smarter and carried a simple T-handle tool with socket ends that provided all the versatility required. I carried 20 pounds that were at the bottom of my hard cases, he carried 6 ounces in his tank bag. Guess which got used?! RM has these for only $8.99. I have used mine for a year and a half with no problems. I enhanced mine by going to Sears and getting additional sockets and screwdriver tips to cover all the possibilities for my particular bike. Now I'm up to 8 ounces.

If you do your own engine work this is a tool you really need at least once a year. We all make do with substitutes but when I damaged the clutch basket on my XR I went right out and bought one. RM has theirs here for only $15.99. $150 for a broken part or $16 for a new tool, you do the math.

One more "Why have I been suffering so long?" tool is this gear jammer. $18.99 might seem to be a lot of money to pay for a tiny bit of aluminum but you will think it cheap the first time you use it. It cleverly has a magnet built into it to hold it in place and the fingers always find their way into the valley between the teeth to prevent damage. No more sticking in a screwdriver or wedging a shop rag when you need to remove a clutch or transmission nut. Worth it's weight in gold!

Here is the link to a full page of Rocky Mountain tools. Print it out with circles and arrows and leave it where your significant other can find it. Stocking Stuffers R Us.