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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make it personal

Instead of motorcycles I'll tell you about a cool design item today. With FontCapture you can create your own font to use in OpenOffice Write, MS Word, and whatever Mac people use.

Here is the font I created from my handwriting with FontCapture in just a few minutes.
You do need a scanner to convert the template to a file but there are no other special requirements.

And did I mention that it's FREE!?

I used a thin ball point pen for the sample above. For BOLD I could do it again with a Sharpie pen. For an italic font I could lean the paper at an angle as I wrote. How about a secret code by mixing up the letters at random. I could write my message with a regular font and then convert it to my "secret code" font and print it out. Very cool if I was 6 years old!

If you were serious about Typography (and who isn't?) FontCapture could be your own type foundry. Have fun and post a comment with your suggestions.