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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Wish List #5

Is there a motorcyclist with heart so dead that they have not longed to ride in Baja? The mountains of Italy are nice and the sands of Morocco are fun, but Baja beckons as a friendly neighbor with tales of excitement and adventure that are surpassed by none. The legends run deep through the very soul of the American spirit.

As if you needed any persuasion to do Baja the movie Dust To Glory will definitely get you to start making plans. You can watch the trailers here and here. And buy it here.

To make your plans you need a map and this is the best map I've seen yet. It has just been released a couple of months ago and has a very high degree of detail. It's so new that the gas stations might even be where they're supposed to be! (Insider Baja joke)

Click here to see a sample page. The thin red lines are dirt roads, the dashed red lines are 4-wheel drive, and the dotted red lines are where it gets really interesting. Bring your knobbies! At $27.95 delivered it's a steal. Order it here. Tell them I sent you. ¡En espaƱol!