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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Wish List #8

I had meant to end this list yesterday but then I realized I had missed one important category. DVDs.

First on the list is Riding Solo To The Top Of The World from Dirt Track Productions. This is about one man's trek through the Himalayas on a Royal Enfield 350 Bullet. It is truly a wonder to watch his struggle to visit a nomadic tribe at altitudes so high that his bike won't even carry him. Watch the trailer and then order the movie!

Gaurav Jani's second film One Crazy Ride is another movie that will be watched over and over again. There is just too much to see in one viewing. A group of riders decide to cross an uncharted area of India on their motorcycles by going to each village in turn and asking for advice about where to go next. The challenges and adventures are truly inspiring.

Dirt Track Productions is very quick about shipping so your order just might make it in time to slip under the tree. Don't delay, order both of them here.

Mondo Enduro is what the Long Way Round would have been if Ewan and Charley had the balls to leave their latte machine at home. Six guys with little money and no support go around the world on used dirt bikes. I think they set the world's record for number of flat tires and number of patches applied to a single inner tube. No support crew and vehicle to do the work for them while they sipped espresso. Aerostich has it here.

I've heard Ewan and Charley called "girlie riders" - I personally think that's an insult to all the women riders I know!