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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shop Equipment Deals

This month's (Jan 2010) Cycle World magazine has a Harbor Freight ad on page 91 with some great deals. You can find an abbreviated version online here.

I run hot and cold on some of their stuff. Anything with ball bearings needs to be inspected carefully. However, the lift table I bought a couple of years ago has been performing marvelously and is now on sale (with coupon) for $279.99. Normally $400 this is a great deal. A lift table is one of those things that you don't appreciate until you have one and then you wonder why you were working on your hands and knees for so long. There are 2 in the shop now and I'm thinking that a 3rd would be a good idea for long term projects. It's so nice to put a part down on the table and have it there when you need it rather than kicked around on the floor.

The magazine ad also lists safety wire twist pliers for $5.99 and a roll-on/roll-off stand at $39.99. Last but not least is a 20% coupon for anything else in the store and a FREE 9-led flash light just for walking in the front door. These are missing or more expensive ($6.99 & $49.99) in the online ad. I would beware of the Motocross Dirt Bike Stand, I've had bad experiences with single post stands like this for anything heavier than a 125 bike.

BTW, if you mention my name when you check out, they will have absolutely no idea what you're talking about but will smile politely and take your money.

Harbor Freight store finder here.