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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Wish List #4

If you ride a dirt bike you fall down. Some less occasionally than others but everyone falls eventually. And, of course, you fall down in the least convenient, hardest to stand up place around. That's what dirt bikes are all about. Going places you couldn't walk.

Falling down necessitates getting up. For every get off there is an equal and opposite pick up. You would think that motorcycle manufacturers, knowing this, would include an array of handles conveniently placed about the bike to help get the bike upright. Maybe they like to think that if you were smart enough to buy their product you must be a magically awesome rider who never crashes. More likely there is some bean counter in the background mumbling, "Screw them, we got their money."

 The Tugger - Rear

What they forgot to include is the Tugger. This is a strap that connects to the rear subframe and gives you a handy point to pickup the bike. Obviously it is bi-directional and works equally well for both right and left side inclinations. When your bike's laying on its side in a pond of mud you don't have to feel around underneath it for something to grap, the Tugger is right there waiting to be, well, tugged!

 The Tugger - Front

But wait there's more! The front Tugger gives you a place to pull up the front which is handy on a hill. Or your buddy can pull on it to help you out of that mud bog. Two pulls are better than one when you're stuck. Besides, what are you going to grab? The fender?

You can get it monogrammed with your name, bike model, email address so they know where to notify the next of kin, or any other epithet you can think of. Stealth mode (no embroidery) is also available for those who prefer the incognito look.

$24 for the rear Tugger and $14 for the front is cheap money when you're stuck. Plus it will impress all your friends and the groupies will swoon when they see that you're so obviously a pro rider.

Want an even better deal? When Highline makes a mistake with the embroidery they sell them at a big discount. If you don't mind being "NICK #628" you can get your tugger for short money. Best of all, should you be having too much fun Nick will get the blame, not you!

See it all here. Tell them Nick sent you.