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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Motorcycle Origami

Although the days are getting longer there are still many long cold nights to go before the snow is gone. Sure, you could go sit in the work shop with a beer and dream about warm summer days but you probably want to do something more active. But not as involved as tearing the head off the engine and finding out why the intake valves are stuck in the guides.

How about the ancient Oriental art of origami? Better still, how about some motorcycle origami? And I don't mean taking your bike out and wadding it up into a ball against the nearest tree.

Yamaha Japan has a paper craft site filled with templates for recreating motorcycles out of paper. Download the files, print them out on your computer printer, and get busy with the scissors and glue. There are street bikes, dirt bikes, race bikes, vintage bikes, and scooters.

There is an ultra-realistic model of the new V-Max that looks like it would fill your nights until the solstice. The only details it seems to be missing are little paper pistons and cam shafts!

If you want to sharpen your paper folding skills before starting check out this traditional site. It has instructions for every level including animations of just how to do each one. And if you forgot how to fold a cootie catcher you'll find it here.

Send me pictures of your projects and I'll post them here.