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Monday, October 25, 2010

Triumph Tiger XC

One of the reasons that Triumph has increased their sales while practically everyone else's has fallen off is because they continually think outside the norms. Their cruiser has a parallel twin engine. Their sport bike has 675cc triple for better torque rather than the same old high strung 600cc 4-cylinder.

Now they are trying something really radical. They're making their adventure bike, the Tiger, smaller! Down from 1050cc to 800cc, hopefully with a concomitant reduction in weight. I comes in normal and XC versions, the XC conspicuous by it's handguards and 21" front wheel. 

Admittedly it looks way to GS-ish but time will tell when it hits the showroom floors soon.

If only KTM would release the 690 Adventure here in the U.S. Then there would be real rejoicing in Mudville.