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Monday, October 4, 2010

California Voters

Today's Sacramento Bee  had an article "Boxer faces her toughest Senate race ever" Nobody would be happier than I would if she went down in flames. Barbara Boxer is one of the worst enemies of off road riding in the country. With her pals Dianne Fienstein and all the green meanies, she has forced the closure of many of the best riding areas not only in California but all over the US.

Check out this article from Off Road Park Info:

California Senator Barbara Boxer Goes After Several OHV Crown Jewel Areas

Senator Barbara Boxer of California has introduced bill S.493 The California Wild Heritage Act of 2007. This act proposes to create approximately 2 million acres of additional wilderness lands in California, which already has 14.3 million of wilderness designated lands. Areas included in this bill are several locations which are known as the "Crown Jewels" of California OHV areas. Once an area is designated as wilderness most uses are prohibited including but not limited to commercial activities, mechanized uses and roads. In other words, no more OHV opportunities. Studies have shown that less than 3% of people who visit and recreate on public lands ever visit a Wilderness area. California OHV enthusiasts, you'd better start contacting Senator Boxer to stop this bill. Senator Boxer's contact information and web page are at . Let's rev it up to her folks and make sure she hears us!
She sees herself as Big Sister who is intent on saving us from ourselves. If you live in California please vote. Get all your friends to vote. Get them to get their friends to vote. Save California from Boxer!!