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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ride Report - Bershires

Adam put together some great roads to ride on. Although I've ridden extensively in the region many were new to me. Nature was cooperating, sort of. Scattered rain had  been forecast but it was always ahead or behind us. Slick roads mixed with lots of leaves meant that the pace was moderate with plenty of time for sightseeing.

The temps started in the high 40's and got into the low 50's as the day progressed. Sun occasionally popped out and the extra warmth was welcome. A quick stop for hot cider and a cookie was a treat and a chance to gain back some body heat.

Back on the road we were winding along the back roads near lunch when things go exciting. One of the guys on a K bike dumped it into a guard rail. Seeing it coming he jumped off the bike and somersaulted over the railing. Laying on his back he assured everyone that he was OK. Plastic was broken but nothing personal. Bungee cords and tape were produced to mend the bike enough to get home.

Unfortunately, I had chosen that moment to stare off into the forest and when I looked up all I saw was a lot of bikes stopped in the middle of the road. I grabbed too much front brake and found out how little traction knobby tires have on cold pavement. Down I went too. You can see the stripes that each knob made as it tried for grip.

This is when all that gear pays for itself. Armored jacket and pants took the hit. My gloves were scuffed in ways that I'm glad my hands weren't. I got up, got help picking up the bike and there was happiness that both of us were in good shape. My forks were twisted but I pulled out my t-handle and loosened enough bolts to get the front wheel pointed in the right direction again.

There was 70 more miles to get back to the car and I reflected on how a different bike would have been a better choice. That Honda NT700V with heated grips and ABS would have certainly been a good one. I wonder if it's too early to send Santa my request?