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Thursday, October 14, 2010

MMM Tiddler Update

Details at the bottom

We've been out scouting roads for the upcoming MMM Tiddler Ride and I must say that I think that the morning and afternoon routes are especially scenic. Hill and dale, farmlands and lakes, my advice is to bring your camera and prepare to pause once in a while to appreciate the New England fall colors and sights. The photo above is my attempt to find a shortcut around a bridge that was out. As you can tell I'm having great fun. New roads were found and the route sheet was updated. No knobby tires will be needed!

The routes include a few graded dirt roads that are all small bike friendly. If they are Miata friendly your bike will have no problem. This is a rural area and such roads are part of why we live here.

The long range weather forecast is for cool temps in the 60's and sunny skies. Perfect for a leisure ride. After the ride chili, BBQ chicken, and hot dogs will be provided to everyone before they head home.


  • Date: Sunday, 24 Oct
  • Time: 9am
  • First bikes out: 10am
  • Place: 150 Kinney Rd, Amston CT 06231
  • Contact: Beth ( or J. (
  • Bikes: Think CB350 and anything older, slower, or smaller.
  • Nobody will be turned away for not having a small bike. Just ride in the spirit of the event and you'll have a lot of fun. Small bikes are infectious, you'll want one for next time.
  • Bring:
    • Route sheet holder - Both sheets and strip charts will be provided.
    • Camera
    • Cash for lunch at Harry's.
    • There are plenty of gas stations along the way.
    • A sense of wander.