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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mouse Tales

The only reason for mice to exist is to ensure that other critters don't go hungry. And to make sure that the air filter industry stays in full production. Above are the filters out of two NX250's and one Transalp. Notice that the Transalp filter is eaten in both sides!

The mice come in through the air box inlet and set up house keeping. They usually bring in a lot of extra debris to enhance the environment so that the bike is not only not getting filtered air, it is running as if on full choke because of all the extra crap blocking the passage. Damn them! We are looking at $75 of filters here!

Willert Home Prod. E20 Moth Balls

Moth balls are the anti-mouse deterrent. Mice hate moth balls! I hate mice so I usually buy a case at a time. I always pack my bikes with moth balls when I put them away for the winter. Not only are the air filters eaten away but the little pests chew through the wiring and everything else in sight. Not to mention the mess from them using the world as their toilet. Whoever says that animals don't foul their nests have never seen a mouse nest!

This year seems especially bad. If the bike sits even 2-3 days they will move in. Now I have to put moth balls in ALL the air boxes.

You have been warned! If your bike is running a little strange check the air filter. Who knows what strangers may be lurking there.