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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Generally I think the MythBusters are a bunch of weenies who use bad science and twisted logic to be entertaining. However, I recently saw them rebuke the BMW tablecloth ad.

Granted that they seem to be using a Buell instead of the BMW S1000RR but the run up with all the cable seems to negate that. However, by making everything lighter they do reduce friction but they also reduce the mass and, hence, inertia of the resting objects. That's where there science gets a little lite.

No matter what or where the truth is in all this, the fact is that BMW has reaped an enormous amount of exposure for the RR from the ad and all the call backs. Somebody at the ad agency should be getting a big bonus this Christmas. A 1000cc bonus??

Here's Aprilia's answer

Here's the Vespa spoof.

Here's the original.