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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Roadgear Mesh Sale

Remember last summer when your Oh So Cool leather jacket was actually blazing hot and you were about to pass out? "If only I had a mesh jacket ..." you were thinking. When I was riding in Baja my mesh jacket was what kept me from dying in the desert while still giving me full armor protection. Pulling on a rain jacket over it kept me plenty warm in the San Francisco fog. Best of both worlds!
Roadgear is having a Mesh Sale for its preferred customers. I think that means anyone with money or a credit card. Mansoor has always let me post these sales on this blog so here it is.

Airtec Mesh Jacket 40% off use Promo Code AJKT4
Airtec Mesh Pants $89 use Promo Code APNT
TDF Jacket 20% off use Promo Code TDF2

if you have any doubt about size call Jody at 800-854-4327. She's a wizard at looking through the telephone and getting just the right fit. I think she's telepathic or something. Tell her I sent you, she actually knows who I am.

There's some other stuff too but as much as I keep telling him to post a link to a copy of the email does he listen to me? No ...

Anyway, you should know by now that I am a big fan of Roadgear equipment. I don't get a kickback or free samples but I do get first rate protection from the elements. This is where I spend my hard earned bucks! Highly Recommended!